Student Health Insurance Appeal Process

Appeals must be submitted in writing and received by 5 PM on Friday of 3rd Week Fall Quarter to or Student Health Center, 1200 Academy St, Kalamazoo, MI 49006.

No appeals will be considered based on the following:

  1. Missed deadline—The College communicates the Student Health Insurance Policy as follows:
    June—student announcement (all students receive via email), calendar event, registration alert placed on student account
    July—two targeted emails to students who have not waived or enrolled in the Student Health Insurance, email from the insurance company to the “alternative email address on file” (generally parent of returning students)
    August—targeted email to students who have not waived the Student Health Insurance, charge for health insurance placed on the student account with instructions that must be clicked on of how to have the charge removed to be able to pay fall tuition, additional targeted email to students who have not waived stating that they are now enrolled in the insurance
    September–information at orientation table, emailed invitation to health insurance benefits fair stating that the student is enrolled, targeted email with waiver deadline stressed, second fall billing including the health insurance charge with an alert that must be clicked on to pay fall tuition

2. If the college health insurance has been used for any service

3. Insurance coverage does not meet the minimum criteria established by the College as described on the Student Health Center website

4. International student status

5. Appeals received after 5 PM on Friday of 3rd Week Fall Quarter

The Appeal Board determines whether an appeal meets the conditions for appeal set forth above. If the conditions are met, the Appeal Board will entertain the appeal. If the conditions are not met, the Appeal Board will not address the appeal. The Appeal Board’s decision is final and binding upon all involved in the matter.

Appeal Board:

Sarah Westfall, Becca Murphy, Margaret Wiedenhoeft, Lisa Ailstock, and Jennifer Combes