Entrance Medical Record Forms and Other Information for New Students

The following are due by August 1. For the safety of your campus community, all students are required to have up-to-date immunizations before arriving on campus. Failure to complete the Entrance Medical Forms, including required vaccines, will result in an inability to participate in athletics (tryouts, practice, play), LandSea, move into residence halls, and begin fall classes.

Please submit all paperwork to the College by one of the following methods:

You can check the status of your paperwork on your application status page.


1: Student Medical History and TB Screening with Additional Questions

Complete in MyChart. You will receive further information to sign up for your MyChart account in your K email by JULY. Information is confidential and may only be used as an aid in providing necessary healthcare and accessing medical risk. Kalamazoo College Student Health Center is affiliated with Bronson Hospital for the use of Epic electronic medical record system.

Additional Medical History Notes

  • If you have trouble logging into MyChart or answering the health questions, please contact the Student Health Center (at healthsv@kzoo.edu or 269.337.7200) for clarification.
  • This form is submitted online and you do NOT need to print it. However, if you are under 18, we do need both the student and the parent to submit a hard copy Consent for Treatment.

2: Immunization History

  • Request an up-to-date copy of your immunizations from your healthcare provider and send it to the College before August 1st. A list of required immunizations can be found on the New Student Immunization History page.
  • Please upload the most updated official copy of your immunization record to the College on your Status Page (preferred), by email (NewStudentForms@kzoo.edu), mail (Kalamazoo College, New Student Forms, 1200 Academy St, Kalamazoo MI 49006), or fax (269.337.7390) before August 1st.
  • Your status page will reflect when this information has been received . It will display “Immunizations Records Submitted.” Please allow at 14 days for us to review your records. Please note, we will only email you at your K account if your records are not compliant. If your Immunizations are complete, your status will state “Immunization Records Approved.”

Additional Immunization History Notes

  • Please note that we review every student’s information and this takes time. Calling and email several different offices will only increase the time it takes to answer questions.
  • For Immunization History questions contact: healthsv@kzoo.edu or 269.337.7200.
  • Visit the Vaccine Information Statements page from the Immunization Action Coalition for vaccine information in many languages.

3: Insurance

In an effort to ensure all students have access to healthcare, Kalamazoo College requires students to carry adequate health insurance. To comply with Kalamazoo College’s Health Insurance Policy, ALL STUDENTS must accept or decline the College health insurance plan by August 1 of EACH ACADEMIC YEAR to avoid charges on the College bill. If the College health insurance is waived by September 30, it will be removed from the bill. If it is NOT waived by September 30, you will automatically be enrolled in and billed for the student insurance plan for the entire policy year.

  • If you have general questions about health insurance after reading through the details explained on the Health Insurance page please contact the Student Health Center at health@kzoo.edu or 269.337.7200.

A physical examination is not required for entrance to the College, but is required for participation in LandSea and college athletic programs. Please contact those offices for more information.

If student, parent(s), or guardian(s) wish to exercise an objection to immunization, they must request a waiver form from the Student Health Center via email healthsv@kzoo.edu, phone 269.337.7200 or fax 269.337.7440. Please review the Kalamazoo College Immunization Policy.

  • Vaccine waivers are due July 31st and no waiver will be considered after this date. Please submit all pertinent information you wish the committee to consider. The goal is to review the information the first week of August and we will try to have a written decision to the student at their K email address no later than the second week of August. Please know that no non-medical waiver has been granted to any student in the past and it is extremely unlikely that there will be an exception to this rule. We will consider your request with deep respect for in individual beliefs but please consider an alternative plan.

4: Consent for Treatment (Minors)

If you are under 18 on August 1, you and your guardian must also download and complete the Consent for Treatment form (PDF 52 KB).