Frequently Asked Questions for Students (Updated 6.26.20)

I have yet to retrieve belongings I left in the residence halls. May I still retrieve them? 

The retrieval process will resume the weeks of July 6 and 13, and you can sign up through the pre-existing scheduling forms. This will be the last opportunity to retrieve items, with Friday, July 17, being a hard deadline. While the original deadline for ShipMyDorm has passed, this is still an available option. Visit for more information.  

I signed up to use ShipMyDorm in June. When will my items be shipped? 

We worked with ShipMyDorm to ship your belongings on Thursday, June 25. 

I left items in my residence hall room that I won’t claim. What should I do? 

If you want to have items discarded or donated, please let us know by e-mailing Indicate in your message where you lived. 

I don’t need to retrieve anything else, but I still have my room key. How may I send it back? 

Place the key in a padded envelope, tape it to cardboard or wrap it in paper to prevent it from bouncing around. Loose keys are highly susceptible to becoming lost in transit. Mail the envelope, attention Residence Life, to 1200 Academy St., Kalamazoo, MI 49006. Please email to let us know you’re doing this. We will confirm when we’ve received them.  

Are storage lockers available? 

Please email for information on renting a DeWaters storage locker. The assignment process may be coordinated electronically without in-person contact. Storage lockers are 4 feet x 4 feet x 4 feet. The cost is $25 per term. Given demand, students are limited to one locker.    

Will the Kalamazoo College residence halls be open this fall? 

Public health guidance indicates that we will not be able to safely have full residence halls in the fall. For the fall term, the College will prioritize incoming first-year students and visiting international students for campus housing. Knowing that sophomores had planned to live on campus, we will do our best to house as many as we can considering public health guidance; however, we encourage sophomores to seek housing off-campus. We will not house juniors and seniors on campus. 

How will classes work? 

To provide appropriate physical distance, classes will be offered in a variety of ways in the coming year. For the fall, we plan to offer courses in a hybrid of in-person and online components that will reflect a range of instructional formats, from those with significant in-person components to others that are completely virtual. The goal of this approach is to enable students to have interactive, relatively small classes in the K tradition whether they can physically access campus resources or must take their full course load from a distance. It also ensures that we can nimbly adapt to changes in public health that may occur during the term.  

 Now that the spring term has ended, faculty are working on details about which courses will be offered in which format. Faculty will also be spending time this summer refining the virtual aspects of courses, taking into account their experiences during the spring, survey and other student feedback, and information from colleagues, so that the educational experience is engaging and rigorous regardless of format. Information about the format for specific courses will be available by early August and students will have the opportunity to adjust their fall course schedules if needed. While there will be an array of online-only course options for the fall, students taking courses remotely will not be able to register for some courses with significant in-person components. In addition to the work faculty are doing to prepare courses for fall, we are also reducing classroom capacities and looking at traffic flow and time between classes to promote physical distance. 

Do these decisions apply for the entire 2020-21 academic year? 

Our residential planning will focus on one academic term at a time, so winter and spring might look different from the fall. Public health information will guide our subsequent decisions and we will stay in communication with you as appropriate. We do encourage you to plan for the whole year, given lease cycles. 

Do first-year students and sophomores have to live on campus this fall? 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, first-year students and sophomores may opt out of campus housing. To opt out, please complete a brief form by Sunday, July 12, 2020. We will provide more information on housing processes in the coming weeks.    

What will be done to support student safety if there’s a return to campus? 

Physical distance will be a key element in preventing and mitigating the spread of the virus, along with related practices such as hand washing, a mandatory wearing of masks/face coverings, and monitoring our health. Campus custodial staff will employ enhanced cleaning practices, and each of us who work and learn at K will have responsibilities for further sanitizing spaces that we occupy. 

Who may I contact if I have more questions? 

Please send your questions to They will be answered as soon as possible.  

What is the status of the upcoming LandSea trip?

Due to COVID-19 developments, LandSea will not take place in the Adirondacks in New York this summer. This was a difficult decision, and it is easily the most significant change in the program’s 47-year history. However, we do still plan to have LandSea this year; we have immediately pivoted to offer a local LandSea option. We will be updating registered students and the LandSea website with all the details. The preliminary plans for this trip include a week-long experience at a local, Kalamazoo-area camp, and we’re looking into activity options of low ropes initiatives, paddling, hiking or biking, and possibly a solo or service experience.

This decision to implement local LandSea programming was independent of any College decisions regarding fall term. Because of the in-depth nature of the LandSea program, our LandSea staff would ordinarily be undertaking major planning and preparation in order to be ready to leave for the Adirondacks in August. The current Michigan “stay home” order necessitated an earlier decision about summer programming than the College itself will be required to make. We are prioritizing student safety via conservative decision-making; instead of putting a decision off until later in the summer, we wanted to be able to communicate with you about these changes as early as possible.

Due to these changes, we will be extending registration, deposit, and scholarship application deadlines. We are also adjusting our cancellation policy and are willing to refund deposits if a student chooses not to participate in this local program. Since this trip is shorter and closer to campus, the price of the program will also be adjusted. In the coming weeks, we will be updating our website to include these deadlines and details.

If you have any questions, you may contact the LandSea staff

What is the status of K’s Commencement?

College leadership is working with the leadership of the Kalamazoo College Council of Student Representatives (KCCSR) and with the Office of Alumni Engagement to evaluate possible dates. This group will be seeking input from recent grads.

As more details become available, information about Commencement will be emailed and found at

When will the library and fitness center reopen?

This answer was updated March 23
The Upjohn Library Commons and the Fitness and Wellness Center have been closed by executive order of the Governor of Michigan. These facilities will remain closed to everyone except employees who work in those facilities until further notice.

Will the mail center be open and will it hold/forward packages?

This answer was updated March 26.
The Mail and Copy Center is open Monday–Friday from 9 a.m.–1 p.m. There will be one outgoing United States Postal Service pickup at approximately 10 a.m. Monday–Saturday. All USPS mail should be sorted and in the correct mailboxes by 10:30 a.m. daily. Any package needing UPS overnight shipping needs to be received by 12 p.m.

As Kalamazoo College complies with the statewide “Stay Safe, Stay Home” order, students living off campus will not be able to access the Mail and Copy Center to retrieve mail and packages. Students are encouraged to avoid added time and expense in retrieving their packages by specifying their correct current addresses on future online orders.

If students have packages and mail currently in the Mail and Copy Center, they should call 269.337.7252 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to arrange forwarding. The Mail Center can accept credit card information over the phone to process the shipping charges for this service.

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