How to Retrieve Belongings in Campus Housing

Dear Students:

As promised, bellow are links to the scheduling forms by residence/area for setting up a time to retrieve your belongings from an on-campus living space. In general, most students will use the form for the residence hall that they resided in. All of the houses will use the LLHU form, which includes Trowbridge because it has a private entrance.  If you have items in a DeWaters storage locker, you should schedule a time through that form, which unfortunately may need to be in addition to another appointment if you have things in multiple areas.  

While scheduling may seem overly complex, it is our effort to promote low density and social distancing in accordance with public health standards. You and your party will be required to bring and wear a mask or facial covering while indoors. To be clear, we will not be providing these, so it is important to keep in mind. Overnight lodging in campus housing is prohibited. The time blocks are relatively short so that we can accommodate as many people as possible, so you will need to move quickly. You will only be granted access during your scheduled time and non-housing facilities (e.g. Hicks) will remain closed.           

Upon move-out, you should return your keys at the following express checkout box locations by writing your name on a key envelope and depositing it in the box (directional signage will be posted):

  • Crissey: basement on the RA office door
  • DeWaters: first floor on the RA office door
  • Harmon: lobby/near main entrance facing Academy
  • Hoben: even-side/north-side entrance (closest to Harmon) near RA office
  • Severn: basement on the RA office door
  • Trowbridge: lobby/near main entrance facing Academy
  • LLHU: Lovell/Monroe Street houses should use the DeWaters box; Catherine Street houses should use the Crissey box

If returning to campus personally is not an option, we have partnered with ShipMyDorm, which is a company that provides move-out solutions to colleges, universities and students, particularly during the fallout from spring and the COVID-19 pandemic. See their flier for more information. If you are interested in learning more, you should contact them directly about options and pricing using the phone number or e-mail address listed. You would need to make arrangements through them by June 1.    

We recognize that this crisis has placed a serious hardship on students and families, as it has colleges and universities, and this may be yet another hurdle. However, please understand that leaving items where they are until students are back on campus is not feasible. If neither of the above options seem appropriate, you are welcome to designate friends and/or others you lived with who are more local to take possession of items if you wish, and you can e-mail us if you need help with the logistical details. That being said, it will really be a matter of what is left behind, as it is unlikely that anyone will be able to take over an entire room of items.

It is possible that this process may need to be an initial, albeit significant, first step. If the schedule fills up, we will amend and extend it as appropriate so that all students and families have the opportunity. We will have a better idea of where people stand as we approach June. As we roll into summer, we will need to move more aggressively in clearing out spaces based on what remains in the hopes of having some semblance of a normal fall term.  

If you have additional questions that are not addressed in this message, you can email We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.  


Office of Residential Life

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